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Winter Magic and the Elemental Spirit of Ice 

Posted on January 15, 2020

Ten inches fell in 24 hours. Ten inches that weigh down the cedar trees, coat the mossy earth, and bury the dead. Even the hemlocks look heavy, more than they used to.    Curiously, in Western culture we celebrate the birth of a new year just ten days into this season of darkness and survival. I wondered about this from a young age dabbling in astrology. My elder sister is a solstice-portal Aries, making her birthday one of welcoming spring and a new, warm world.  She, like many other Aries folks, lives her life like each day is a fresh start and an exciting new challenge. That springtime energy is echoed in the depths of winter with December 31st; New Year’s Eve resolutions and…

Poem: a wild hymn

Posted on November 23, 2019

a wild hymn    Their footprints gather around the stone.    The ancient birthburial ground.  The place hidden among the lindens.     It’s as if I can see them here, women in the woodland; knelt in prayer, anointed, weaving, drumming through the centuries.    Maybe                I’ve been here before.  Maybe                this is from some other time,                              some other body.  Maybe                here I made my plea                              to the woman in the linden tree      …

Passion Path Ritual for Sagittarius Season 2019

Posted on November 21, 2019

Winter is beginning to bite at the forests. This morning, I watched as the sun lifted the fog from the valley, and revealed the glitter of the first frost. That was the indication I needed that it was time, right there in the haze of sunrise, to read the Tarot for Sagittarius season.  Typically I draw and place cards on intuition, and this was no different. It was easy to connect with the Archer. I saw in my mind’s eye a hunter pressed against a birch tree and hidden by ferns, his breath a cloud in the cold air, waiting for the moment to strike. I drew a simple two card spread for the Archer: 9 of Cups and The World.  The Archer Sagittarius…

I Met Arianrhod in the Pisces Full Moon

Posted on September 14, 2019

Two weeks ago, I began my schooling in druidry through the British Druid Order. The decision had been on my mind for a long while, tempting me further with every gust of wind through the trees overhead. After a year of sitting with it as a desire, I figured it was genuine and enrolled. Being of a Goddess-oriented persuasion, though, I think what held me off from beginning the druid path earlier was my desire to have a close connection with a God or Goddess while walking the path. My altar is already quite full. I’m a polytheist and, though I’ve worked with and worshiped the Divine in other pantheons, the Kemetic god/desses are where I’ve settled. I kept wondering to myself how on…