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How I Named the God Who Visited My Dream Space

Posted on July 25, 2019

Atum, the self-created god of Before-Time, came into my life by reaching out to me in a dream. This is by no means uncommon; many pagans experience the divine or Spirit communication through dreams, and that often leads us to question and wonder at what we witnessed. Very often, we can sense that the Being in our dream is a deity – but Who? I’m of the opinion that the gods find us in sleep because dreams are limitless. It is only there that our consciousness is willing to defy the laws of physics or storytelling and visit the familiar and unfamiliar, all in favor of gaining a lucid experience. When we wake, we’re left to interpret symbols; but with Divine dreams comes the…

Two Dreams

Posted on September 9, 2016

I. My mother can’t be bothered to go outside – Dad is asking her to come out, out of the house. “Come and see this sunset,” he says. It’s the brightest and most vibrant sunset he has ever seen, he says. It’s falling perfectly behind the tallest peak of Pilchuck, across the valley from the Dutch Hill house. I’m seated at the dining table. I lean back in my chair to view through the window and see it, the violent tangerine hue, and how quickly the sun falls. I can almost hear its thundering roar out of the sky and behind the mountain. “Ah,” he says to mother, glancing behind him out the window. “Too late.” Mother drains the pasta. “Dad!” I shout, and dart out…