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Poem: The Caves

Posted on February 23, 2020

Feb 23  /// Pisces New Moon Poem   There are no boundaries here.  The tide rises to permeate these caves and I welcome the drowning, like mountain honey on a starved tongue. Salted ocean is a cold and wet woman, awake to the billions of stars in her waters. She: an expanse, cosmic and unknowable, charged with the holding of things, people, memory. I breathe her in like a ship resigned to wreckage and revealed treasure. There are no boundaries with Her. When the cave is full I can see through time, like the cuckoo who eats by the sun but calls out in the night, everything is attainable. Below, I see the distant glow of Atlantis. High above, I see Her hellbent on…

Passion Path Ritual for Sagittarius Season 2019

Posted on November 21, 2019

Winter is beginning to bite at the forests. This morning, I watched as the sun lifted the fog from the valley, and revealed the glitter of the first frost. That was the indication I needed that it was time, right there in the haze of sunrise, to read the Tarot for Sagittarius season.  Typically I draw and place cards on intuition, and this was no different. It was easy to connect with the Archer. I saw in my mind’s eye a hunter pressed against a birch tree and hidden by ferns, his breath a cloud in the cold air, waiting for the moment to strike. I drew a simple two card spread for the Archer: 9 of Cups and The World.  The Archer Sagittarius…

Journal Prompts for the Aquarius Full Moon, August 2019

Posted on August 14, 2019

Though not often given credit for her emotional depth, Aquarius has a remarkable talent for inspiring others to look within at their own inner ocean. Much like the image of the water bearer herself, Aquarius is like a therapist; she asks the right questions, guides you with gentle grace, listens carefully – but she never reveals her own emotional sea. Leo/Aquarius eclipses defined much of the stellar activity in 2016 and 2017. That energy has lingered like mist on our skin, testing our egos and our individuality, while occasionally being enhanced and impacted by other celestial movements. Today that energetic frequency sent by Aquarius, a wise and quixotic cosmic guide, has completed its mission. We’ve had the opportunity to explore new versions of “I.”…